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Updated: Apr 13, 2021

The following is an explanation about the application procedure for the Golden Visa program in Spain. You will find information such as eligibility criteria but also more general information and requirements.

Investment through programs is becoming more and more common, as European countries are welcoming more and more foreign citizens, allowing them to have a second passport. This gives them the right to move freely in the 27 constituent countries. This recent program, created in 2013, allows you to obtain the status of resident with a minimum investment of 500,000 euros in real estate. The visa is renewable every two years.

The quality of life, the security, the European educational system are leading to an increase in demand for the golden visa. Recently the English people are also facing this issue to access the European Market and the Schengen territory.


Benefits of Golden VISA

  • Passport throughout europe

  • Possibility of becoming a resident and later a citizen

  • Access to European and Spanish life

  • Access to European stability / safety / educational system


Who can benefit?

  • Available for all the family (only children under the age of 18 are included.)

  • Your spouse

  • Dependent parents


How long ?

  • Possibility of obtaining permanent residence after 5 years

  • No restrictions, you can sell the property after 5 years

  • Flexible, no minimum time to spend in the country

  • Residence permit can be renewed indefinitely.


Can I get Spanish Citizenship?

  • Must live 6 months a year for 10 years

  • Live in Spain for at least 10 years


Who can get Golden Visa?


  1. Purchase real estate in Spain at least €500,000.

  2. Must be legal age (+18)

  3. Not have entered Spanish territory illegally

  4. Have no criminal record and Not have any dispute with any country of the European Union.

  5. Have valid public or private health insurance.

  6. Have sufficient income to support their entire family.

  7. Investments can be on one or even several properties without limit of payment.


You can contact us for testing your eligibility and the viability of your project.

We will advise and guide you throughout the process and especially on the real estate investments that will be most beneficial to you in accordance to your situation.

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