In order to provide you all the needed information for your future investments. Here is a short summary on the mortgage conditions in Spain.

Several ways of investing are possible according to your specific needs,  it is useful for you to first have an understanding of the different conditions. Our financial broker Mortgage Direct, will help you get the best conditions on the market.

When you want to invest, there are several options available to you:

– For personal investments:​

In most cases for an investment as a principal residence and for personal use, the bank will provide you with a loan of money up to 80% of the buying amount. You will therefore have to make a contribution of 20% and in addition the payment of the various taxes and fees. This corresponds to a contribution of approximately 33% of the total amount.

– Investment as a second home:

The same process applies, but the percentages vary and the bank will usually provide you with 70% of the price of the property. You will need to provide the remaining 30% as well as the payment of the various taxes and fees.


– Investment in the tertiary sector:

This type of investment is always made in the name of a company or a business. The process is a little different, as the bank will provide you with 60% of the total amount, to which you will have to add 10% VAT. The documentation to be provided is also different.

In addition it is necessary that the real estate project must be coherent, in fact the total amount of the purchase must be in relation to the financial contributions and income of the client so that the latter avoids over-indebtedness.



Certain documents will be requested such as:

– Your professional situation

– Your last 3 pay slips / the title of your retirement notice or the last 3 accounting slips 

– Your employment contract to ensure that your income is sufficient.

– Your tax notices for the last 2 months

– Your family situation in order to measure the number of people who can finance the household

– Proof of identity

– Proof of residence dated less than 3 months ago in the name of the applicant

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