Barcelona Real Estate Market Report

Why invest in Barcelona? 


  • Barcelona’s standard of living is renowned for having 2,400 hours of sunlight annually with gorgeous beaches, and beautifully maintained open spaces.
  • The city provides access to healthcare , an efficient public transportation system , and a wide variety of recreational opportunities .
  • Barcelona is a desirable location for both living and investing in real estate
  • You should invest in Barcelona’s real estate because besides these benefits, the price of Barcelona real estate properties are rising in value.


  • A trendy neighborhood that was once a separate town.
  • Its narrow alleys and vast plazas give it a village-like atmosphere.
  • Lower Gràcia is a walking distance from the city center and offers a variety of stores, cinemas, and restaurants, making it a nightlife hotspot.
  • Prices here are slightly higher than the Barcelona norm due to its central location and popularity

Horta Guinardo

  • This includes mountains that surround Parc Guell and Barcelona.
  • It has several sizable, lush parks and a variety of flats. As the cost of living rises in other locations, it is gaining in popularity. The buying Price in this area are at a low and are beginning to increase rapidly making it a good place to invest.

  • The graph above shows the evolution in price over the past 10 years.
  • It can be observed that prices in Horta Guinardo are slowing increasing.
  • Making it a perfect time to invest and buy property in Horta Guinardo.



  • Broad, parallel streets, a variety of lovely homes, and easy navigation make it a pleasant place to be.
  • Due to its accessibility, schools, healthcare facilities, retail 
    establishments and many more and considered a highly sought-after region.
  • In general, prices are above average , especially for apartments larger than 90m² , though they vary depending on the street.

Ciuta Vella: Barceloneta


  • Barceloneta used to be a fishing community in this small area directly on the beach.
  • Almost every building has the same plan, with modest one-bedroom apartments.
  • There is ongoing construction, as in other places, and larger flats are being created making it an attractive area for investment.
  • It has a unique atmosphere as a town with a mix of immigrants and indigenous.

Sarria/ Sant Gervasi


  • Sarrià, which once stood on its own, still has a village-like feel about it.
  • San Gervasi, a posh neighborhood a favorite with local families, is only a few blocks away.
  • Demand declines slightly as a result of its elevation, particularly among overseas buyers
  • Making it a neighborhood with fewer tourists flooding the area
  • There are many different types of flats, however they are slightly more expensive, but a great investment as it is a more wholesome neighborhood.
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