Golden Visa

All you need to know about the Golden Visa The Golden Visa is a Spanish residency program that allows non-residents of the European Union to benefit from a long-term residence permit in Spain. This residence can be obtained in exchange for an investment. According to the Spanish Ministry of Interior, more than 40,000 residence permits… Continue reading Golden Visa

Vila Olimpica

Vila Olimpica is a Barcelona district located in the South of the city. This neighborhood was created for 1992 Olympic Games. This event allowed Barcelona to open up to the sea. This part of city is modern, and many tourists visit it.   A large urban operation was set up with the best architects of… Continue reading Vila Olimpica


In this article we will talk about a new project in the heart of Barcelona: Ecoliving 1802. The basic idea of this project is to create a new green and sustainable community. This project, directed and managed by the architectural firm Juli Perez-Catala, was created in the centre of Barcelona, close to all amenities (beach,… Continue reading ECOLIVING 1802

CSR is at the heart of new real estate projects.

The environmental dimension of business is increasingly important is our society. It is at the heart of all political debates. Real estate and construction sectors are affected.   First, we give the definition of CSR. This acronym stands for Corporate Social Responsibility. The term ‘corporate responsibility’ refers to the consideration of economic, environmental, and social… Continue reading CSR is at the heart of new real estate projects.

Newsletter of January

Hello everybody, as every month we meet for the newsletter about the actuality of Barcelona. Spain begins the year with economy who is at the head of croissances de la zone Euro. In fact, Economist provides a grown de 1,3% in 2023. It is the most important increase of four big economics puissance of Europe.… Continue reading Newsletter of January

Investing in Spanish Property

The peak real estate selling season is in the fall, and usually September, October, and November are often the best months for sales. Due to a substantial post-pandemic rise in prices, Spain is currently experiencing a real estate boom. For all types of resale property, capital appreciation has increased by 8.5%, while new construction has… Continue reading Investing in Spanish Property

Spanish Companies plan to adopt a hybrid work model by 2023

During the pandemic, working from home became the norm. According to research, the hybrid work model will become the new normal in Spain. Spanish companies are planning to have hybrid working models by the year 2023. Roughly 64% of companies have already joined this trend, according to a study by IDG Research for Logitech and… Continue reading Spanish Companies plan to adopt a hybrid work model by 2023

The Spanish Real Estate Market Outlook 2022

Spain’s residential real estate market has acted as a safe haven, although the trend may slow down before the end of the year. Considering the current volatility and uncertainty in the financial markets, the housing market in Spain has strengthened its position as one of the top investments. Research by the real estate investment technology… Continue reading The Spanish Real Estate Market Outlook 2022

Majority of Luxury home are in Barcelona, Malaga, Balearic Island and Madrid

It’s been observed that Spain has more than 40,000 homes advertised with a price of more than 1 million euros, and roughly 8,000 homes above 3 million. Although their distribution is not uniform, each of the 50 provinces in Spain has at least one home worth more than a million euros advertised in Idealista. In… Continue reading Majority of Luxury home are in Barcelona, Malaga, Balearic Island and Madrid

Buy to Let: Landlords Tax Relief

Over the last seven years, one of the finest, if not the greatest, businesses in Spain has been buying a property to rent it out, specifically as a vacation home (short-term). Property values in Spain have risen substantially post-pandemic since 2020, with an 8.5% Y-O-Y capital appreciation across the board in coastal areas and important… Continue reading Buy to Let: Landlords Tax Relief

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