Newsletter of January

Hello everybody, as every month we meet for the newsletter about the actuality of Barcelona.


Spain begins the year with economy who is at the head of croissances de la zone Euro. In fact, Economist provides a grown de 1,3% in 2023. It is the most important increase of four big economics puissance of Europe.


The government announced that the rent price is frozen. These are limited to a maximum increase of 2% per year.

Then, VAT is limited on food product: the rate on necessities (bread, milk, cheese, fruits, vegetables) has been reduced from 4% to 0%. VAT on pasta and oil will be reduced by half (5%).

Moreover, the government extended too the reduction of taxe on gas and electricity. Therefore, price of Spanish electricity is lower than other European country.


Totals invest in real estate Spanish sector is 17,5 milliards of euros in 2022. Many peoples buy an accommodation in Spain to live or pass family holiday at the sea. However, the world economy is in decline and experts predict a 3% fall in Spain in 2023.


Howere at Barcelona a real estate accommodation is rented more quickly: 20% of accommodations are sold in 1 week.


Finally, Spanish is considered than the most attractive country. Barcelona is the 6th best city in the world.


So, what are you waiting for to invest in SPANISH?

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