Golden Visa

All you need to know about the Golden Visa


The Golden Visa is a Spanish residency program that allows non-residents of the European Union to benefit from a long-term residence permit in Spain. This residence can be obtained in exchange for an investment. According to the Spanish Ministry of Interior, more than 40,000 residence permits have been issued since its creation in 2013.


In this article we will explore the benefits of the Golden Visa in Spain:


  • An investment in real estate and tax benefits


First of all, the main advantage of the Golden Visa is that the investment is relatively low. Indeed, you can invest in a Spanish company, acquire real estate, or invest in Spanish government bonds. Your investment must be up to 500,000 euros or 2 million euros in Spanish company shares or Spanish investment funds.


Real estate investment is the most popular option for foreign investors. In 2020, around 87% of investments were in real estate.


This can be an interesting option for people looking to invest in Spanish real estate, which is currently considered an attractive investment opportunity. Indeed, with GDP growing every year (+6.5% in 2021), Spain is an attractive destination.

The Spanish real estate market is also on the rise with an 8.7% increase in real estate transactions in 2021. Finally, Spain’s strategic location in Europe and its developed infrastructure make it a logical choice for investors.


Finally, the Golden Visa also offers you tax advantages. You do not have to reside in Spain to maintain your residence permit. However, to benefit from Spain’s tax advantages, it is advisable to spend more than 183 days per year in Spain.


  • Freedom of travel


The Spanish Golden Visa offers many advantages, including access to the entire Schengen area (26 countries). Your family members (such as spouses, minor children) can also benefit from the programme and obtain a residence permit for the same duration.

This also means that beneficiaries have the possibility to live and work in Spain for a period of two years. Once the initial residence permit is obtained, you can apply for an extension of the permit for a period of 5 years.


So, if you want to set up or move your business to Europe, this is the solution.



  • Ease of application


Finally, the Spanish Golden Visa is considered one of the most attractive in Europe. This is because it offers a quick route to obtain a residence permit in Spain and the entire Schengen area. The application process is relatively simple and quick.

You just must go to the Spanish embassy in your country or directly to Spain. The application process usually takes a month and once approved, your residence permit is available within a few weeks.

The Golden Visa application process in Spain is considerably faster than in other countries.


It is also considered a safe and cost-effective way to invest in Spain.


So if you are looking to establish a residence in Spain and enjoy all that Spain has to offer, our international team will help you find the right property for you.


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