Newsletter of February

Hello everyone, as every month, we meet again for the newspaper on the economic news of Barcelona.


First, January ended with a monthly increase in rental prices in Spain of 1.5%. According to the latest price report published by Idealista, the price per square metre is €11.6. This is the highest rental price ever recorded in Spain (last record September 2020).


Barcelona reaffirms itself as the capital with the most expensive rents.


Secondly, the town hall of Barcelona has decided to invest €7.8 million in the acquisition and rehabilitation of the two properties. In total there will be 24 flats available. Barcelona’s housing stock continues to grow.


According to an Idealista study, rental profitability has increased slightly to 7.2% in Spanish. It is 5.7% in Barcelona. In this study, which compares the sale and rental prices of different real estate products to calculate their gross profitability, offices remain the most profitable real estate investment (with a rate of 12.9%).


Spain has become one of the preferred destinations for wealthy individuals when it comes to buying residential property abroad.


Finally, according to a study by the National Federation of Real Estate Associations (FAI), 77% of buyers intend to use the property they buy as their main residence, 12% as a second home and 10% as an investment (especially foreign buyers).


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