CSR is at the heart of new real estate projects.

The environmental dimension of business is increasingly important is our society. It is at the heart of all political debates. Real estate and construction sectors are affected.


First, we give the definition of CSR. This acronym stands for Corporate Social Responsibility. The term ‘corporate responsibility’ refers to the consideration of economic, environmental, and social issues by companies. All companies are committed, voluntarily and to a different degree.


For example, for the environmental dimension, the company can implement responsible actions such as (recycling, solar panels). Engaging in a CSR dimension also means respecting the well-being of employees.


In real estate sector, environmental issue is verry important. Indeed, more and more customers want to know the environmental impact of the company and the origin of materials. According to a JLL research, 89% of company said that sustainability is increasingly important in their strategy.   


The new building therefore integrates eco-responsible equipment such as a sewage system, solar panels, and a rainwater recovery system.

The new investors are more interested in this type of infrastructure.


So, what are you waiting for to invest in responsible real estate!


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