Spanish Companies plan to adopt a hybrid work model by 2023

During the pandemic, working from home became the norm. According to research, the hybrid work model will become the new normal in Spain. Spanish companies are planning to have hybrid working models by the year 2023. Roughly 64% of companies have already joined this trend, according to a study by IDG Research for Logitech and Microsoft.


According to IDG research for Logitech and Microsoft, more businesses are embracing the hybrid work model, and those who do not have the resources to do so will do so by 2023. The report emphasizes that these new working practices’ adoption will be a deciding element in whether they remain in the market.


As stated by Logitech’s Iberia Enterprise Director, Mara Jess Gras, the healthcare crisis was not the seed of the new working models, but rather the accelerator of a transformation that was already underway. Now, it is no longer a question of being flexible if conditions demand it, but rather of creating a new work environment adapted to the new needs and requirements of today’s society.


The commitment to hybrid work environments has resulted in an increase of 71% in work flexibility, 64% in employee satisfaction, a 60% reduction in operating expenses,58% improved collaboration, and 51% in talent attraction.


The report also notes that in 39% of instances, the hybrid work model’s deployment results in higher worker productivity.


Although neither the market nor the value added by the employee is consistent, productivity in the post-COVID Spanish corporate environment “has to be reinvented,” according to Gras.


However, it is vital to restructure office spaces and make investments in enabling technologies to handle these changes. According to Gras, the nature of work has changed and is now directed toward innovation and solving complex business problems.

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