In this article we will talk about a new project in the heart of Barcelona: Ecoliving 1802.


The basic idea of this project is to create a new green and sustainable community.

This project, directed and managed by the architectural firm Juli Perez-Catala, was created in the centre of Barcelona, close to all amenities (beach, shops).


The materials from the former textile factory were used to build a green and eco-responsible apartment complex on the site of an old 18th century glass factory.


About fifty flats have been built, all connected by terraces and large green spaces.


Numerous services are offered to the residents in order to maintain their social link. A large swimming pool is located on the second floor. Many common areas such as rooftop gardens can be used to gather with family and friends.

Finally, the social club will allow you to exchange and or share many activities (sport session, discussion, meeting) with the other residents.



The flats have been designed in such a way as to be able to modify the spaces by adding rooms or enlarging the living room. The layout can be changed in a few minutes and adapted to your needs.


Av investor offers flats for rent or purchase at Evoliving 1802.

We offer several flats ranging from €300,000 to €600,000. They are composed of one or three bedrooms.


For example, here is a flat available in AVinvestor :



A bright flat with a private terrace overlooking the pool. The property consists of a double bedroom with a spacious wardrobe. Next to it is a bathroom with high quality materials. The large windows in the living room bring a lot of natural light to the whole flat.

A second bathroom makes up this flat. Finally, the mezzanine can be converted into a second bedroom or office.


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