Terraces in Barcelona you should try

Hotel Alma Barcelona : in Eixample

The garden bar at Hotel AlmaBarcelona offers much more than just a drink. The evening service allows you to enjoy the garden while enjoying the best coffee or tea in Barcelona or drinking a special signature cocktail accompanied by an aperitif.


Les filles Café : in Gràcia

Camouflaged behind a gate on Carrer Minerva, the well-kept garden of the new Les Filles Cafè will leave you speechless. Flooded with exquisite good taste is ideal for brunch.


Santa Clara restaurante : in Pedralbes

Our Sta. Clara owes its name to the fact that in its early days it was closely linked to the Igueldo restaurant, also in Barcelona, whose owners, Ana López de Lamadrid and Gonzalo Galbete, have been serving excellent Basque cuisine for ten years. They were the ones behind the opening of Sta. Clara, and even today our cuisine is inspired by their gastronomic style.


Chez cocó : in Eixample

Walking through the door of Chez Coco is the closest you can get to a French brasserie, with the “spit” where the cockerels, raised in the wild in Galicia, spin around. But the real show starts with the carving, which is done in front of the restaurant and is a sight to behold.

For the curious, the entrance to the restaurant is through the kitchen (wow!), so you can take a look and see what is being prepared.


Europa Café : in Eixample

At Europa Café, which has its own bakery on the premises, you can enjoy international and Spanish cuisine that is unique in Barcelona. Don’t miss their live music nights accompanied by a delicious cocktail.

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